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Hocus Pocus Explab

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TIPS di STEVE LACY  live at Casa del Jazz, Rome (2015)


“TIPS” is a Steve Lacy’s composition (1979). “The text (in French) is a selection of books by Georges Braque. These are aphorisms, speculation, observations, and above all, advice for himself and for all artists.

Braque’s reflections helped me in my personal development, and repeating them to myself, for many years, began to seem tome as small melodies. Last year, I took 14 of these sentences, and there, in a chosen order, I composed for voice and saxophone soprano and contralto. The result is a sort of sung “pocket opera”, an attempt to work on the nature of the free game, in this case between voice and instruments, but also of preparation and spontaneity, and music and information.

Obviously, the “advice” of Braque for artists can be better understood in the context of his painting, in some way related, also, to the work of Paul Cézanne to whose memory it is dedicated to my work. “


  • Michele Ciccimarra percussion and electronics

  • Luisa Tucciariello voice and electronics

  • Antonella Chionna voice

  • Mina Carlucci voice

  • Eleonora Zeverino voice

  • GIANNI LENOCI director and piano /Feat. Vittorio GALLO soprano sax