Italian singer and writer Antonella Chionna grew up in Itria Valley (Apulia), Italy


Italian singer and writer Antonella Chionna was born in Taranto (IT) on November 20, 1990. She took up musical education at Conservatorio di Musica “Nino Rota” in Monopoli (IT) where she studied with her mentor, recognized as one of the finest educator of vocal training education in Italy, the Italian soprano Gianna Montecalvo. During the years of study and research that they carried out together, they have built a professional relationship founded on mutual esteem, which allowed them to engage a musical relationship that went beyond the academic path, culminating with a tour in the United States where they performed together and recorded an album of improvised music that was released in the summer of 2018 by the prestigious, English label Leo Records.

Mrs. Chionna owns a Master Degree I et II (120 ECTS) in Musica Jazz, scored full marks: e lode.

She also studied Italian Literature meeting the prominent members of the Contemporary Italian Poetry such as Andrea Inglese, Milo De Angelis, Maurizio Cucchi, Valerio Magrelli, Franco Buffoni, Antonio Riccardi and Franco Loi. The Italian editor LietoColle Libri published her only book of poems, Poghenos, in 2014. She is the editor in chief of the musicological book series Notturno n.9 founded by the Italian publisher Fallone Editore.

At the moment she is working at her PhD project under the gentle cooperation of Professor Susanne Abbuehl.

Antonella Chionna Vocal Artist

Recording Artist

Antonella Chionna is a recording artist at Dodicilune Records since 2013: the International Records Distribution (IRD) distributes all of her albums. Her latest recordings for DODICILUNE “Halfway to dawn (sing a song of Strayhorn)” (2015), and “Rylesonable” (2017) received wide critical acclaim internationally. “Halfway to dawn (sing a song of Strayhorn)”, recorded in duo with the gifted, Italian guitar player and composer Andrea Musci, achieved an enthusiastic feedback from one of the leading musicologists of Strayhorn’s music, Walter van de Leur, and was recognized from Alyce Claerbaut, the president of the Billy Strayhorn Songs.Inc. This album gave her national attention, paving the way for concerts and reviews throughout Italy and the United States in highly esteemed concert halls; she was invited to perform in Europe, Asia, United States and Québec.

All About Jazz, Musica Jazz, Jazzit, Audiophile sound, The Jazz Word, Jazz Music Archives, and many others esteemed jazz magazines have praised and recognized her work.

2019 brought the release of “VO©AL GATE” her third recording for DODICILUNE. It features her new monoideal concept in Vocal Creation for words by Jeremy Bentham, Stanislavskij and Herman Melville. Produced by Gabriele Rampino, the line-up includes the legend of the Boston jazz scene since the mid-1960’s, the American pianist Harvey Diamond, the finest double bass player in New England, the polish instrumentalist Bronek Suchanek, and the legendary Joe Hunt on drums.

people say about her

Critics' views

“Chionna’s ability to stretch every creative drop out of those
well – know melodies displays her musicianship to its fullest.
Just, excellent music.”

Sylvannia Garutch | The Jazz Word

“ Una personalità complessa e intelligente per una bella voce
che potrebbe arrivare a vette molto elevate e farsi conoscere
bene anche all’estero.”

Marco Sonnino | Audiophile sound

“ Si può tirare fuori la poesia anche senza proferire parole.
Per fare ciò bisogna aver fatto incetta di musica e creatività.
E qui Antonella Chionna dimostra quanto ricco sia il suo bagaglio…”

Alceste Ayroldi | Musica Jazz

“Chionna’s spoken voice joins with sparkle and a heavy accent that
hints to her Italian homeland, which adds beauty and a continental
flair to the meaning of the words and how they are emotionally delivered.”

Geannine Reid | All About Jazz