Left Alone

Left Alone

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CD1 track 9 – Left Alone (Billie Holiday/Eric Dolphy/ Mal Waldron)

Antonella Chionna (vocal)

Andrea Musci (acoustic guitar)



Total Time 127:45 (63:41 + 64:04)

(P) 2015
Dodicilune ED350

HUNGER AND LOVE – BILLIE HOLIDAY 1915-2015 – “The Voices of Italian jazz sing Billie Holiday and his repertoire, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Lady Day. Billie Holiday sang of Hunger and Love like no other; she touched untold depths and supreme heights, ostracism and success, deserts of the heart and of drugs and international recognition: but her free song pursues and realizes that dream of dignity, touching the highest pinnacles of African-American vocal style, causing giddy feelings and actual inner upheaval. Holiday’s songbook highlights the choice of a rough, tough even when confidential writing style, soft and scratchy at the same time, which leaves an indelible mark. Hungry and Love follows in its footsteps, with deep devotion but in the spirit of this time. In the wake of Hal Willner, and his transgender works, an original production that brings together the great female voices of Italian jazz. A sincere, deep tribute, not overly-stylized. Dodicilune asked Tiziana Ghiglioni, Paola Arnesano, Gianna Montecalvo, Serena Fortebraccio, Lisa Manosperti, Serena Spedicato, Mara De Mutiis, Camilla Battaglia, Letizia Magnani, Cecilia Finotti, Chiara Pancaldi, Antonella Chionna, Rachele Andrioli, Francesca Ajmar, Silvia Anglani, Marta Raviglia, Loredana Melodia, Cristina Renzetti, Stefania Paterniani e Elisa Ridolfi, Lisa Maroni, Silvia Manco, Elisabetta Guido, Barbara Errico, Elga Paoli to delicately reinterpret Holiday’s songbook, with respect for her artistic sensibility. The result is a cross-section of fertile jazz singers in Italy, and overall of the creativity linked to voice; new interpretations, between deconstruction and adherence to the lyrics, with 24 songs in various formats, from duos to large ensembles, with special guest appearances.”