The Voice of Robert Desnos

The Voice of Robert Desnos

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Desnos was a master of going into his subconscious, through hypnotic trances and séances, to where he could both see and describe, that which was beyond our normal perception. (…) It was only natural that improvised music and Desnos’ poetry be fused. I started reciting a selection during recording sessions and performances. In March 2016, during a collaboratory period with Italian vocalist Antonella Chionna, I sent the recordings to her.

On the same day, I receive a book of her poetry (I was unaware that she was a writer/ poet) and suddenly the pieces fit. A few months later, she arrived in America and we began to fuse Desnos with an improvisation ensemble. One piece was recorded for the album Rylesonable *Dodicilune.

Pat Battstone, 2016


  1. If you only knew
  2. Halfway
  3. I Have Dreamt of You So Much
  4. Wifeless, Plump Buck Moonigan
  5. The Voice of Robert Desnos
  6. Les Yeux d’Yvonne George
  7. Chionnese Frantico
  8. Suicide by Night
  9. Spaces inside Sleep
  10. How Beautiful She
  11. Nightfall
  12. Nature Boy

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